Barbed Wire - Low Carbon - Texas Classic
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Barbed Wire

For years, low carbon barbed wire has been the wire of choice for many landowners. Low carbon wire is made from steel rod with an approximate 0.06-0.08% carbon content while high tensile wire remains at approximately 0.28% carbon content. While low carbon barbed wire can be easily manipulated and has been considered the standard for years, it is prone to elongation, meaning it will sag or stretch over time.


Low carbon barbed wire is designed with a continuous twist unlike the reverse twist design found in high tensile barbed wire products.


All Class 1,  low carbon barbed wire products meet or exceed ASTM A-121 for product standards and come in 1320’ rolls.

Texas Classic Low Carbon Barbed Wire
Code Points Wire Gauge Wire Coating Spacing Rolls/Pallet Roll Weight
BW122TC 2 12.5 Class 1 5″ 32 74 lbs


4 12.5 Class 1 5″ 27 85 lbs


BARBLESS 12.5 Class 1 32 60 lbs
Code BW122TC
Points 2
Wire Gauge 12.5
Wire Coating Class 1
Spacing 5″
Rolls/Pallet 32
Roll Weight 74 lbs
Code BW124TC
Points 4
Wire Gauge 12.5
Wire Coating Class 1
Spacing 5″
Rolls/Pallet 27
Roll Weight 85 lbs
Wire Gauge 12.5
Wire Coating Class 1
Rolls/Pallet 32
Roll Weight 60 lbs