Texas Classic Gates - Hot Dipped Galvanized Gates
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Not All Gates Are Created Equal

Texas Classic Gates are the newest, most technologically advanced pre-galvanized and hot dipped galvanized gates. These American- made products feature superior craftsmanship and a solid, welded, integrated vertical brace.


The HD and HD2 gates are constructed using heavy 18 gauge, 1 5/8” tubing while our XHD and XHD2 products are extra heavy duty gates constructed with 16 gauge, 2” tubing. Both HD2 and XHD2 products are hot-dipped galvanized post-production.


Texas Classic Gates are manufactured in Texas and distributed exclusively by San Antonio Steel Company.

HD Logo

HD Gates

• Heavy duty
• 18 gauge, 1 5/8” galvanized tubing
• 5 bar, 6 bar and 3 bar wire panel

HD2 Logo

HD2 Gates

• Heavy duty, hot dipped galvanized
• 18 gauge, 1 5/8” tubing, galvanized after production
• 6 bar

XHD Logo

XHD Gates

• Extra heavy duty
• 16 gauge, 2” galvanized tubing
• 6 bar and 8’ deer gate

XHD2 Logo

XHD2 Gates

• Extra heavy duty, hot dipped galvanized
• 16 gauge, 2” tubing, galvanized after production
• 6 bar